Field Marketing

Step Above are able to supply Field Marketing teams for all strategies

  • Collection - Our teams will gather and collate providing you with vital performance information allowing you to easily quantify your brands position against its competitors and enabling you to make informed decisions about your brand or product.
  • Merchandising - We only recruit candidates from proven retail backgrounds with experience of targeted sales environments, stock levels in addition to display and positioning allowing us to provide highly driven Merchandising teams who will actively and enthusiastically promote your brand.
  • Mystery Shopping - Protect your brand and consumer experience by deploying Step Above Mystery Shoppers who will assess customer service levels based on their own experience or your companies preset requisite, enabling you to assess customer service levels and draw attention to potential training needs ensuring a positive experience from your consumers.

jostep-2 175x204 6f231d1b2e1de103b72a3e10b3cfb457Take control of your brands position in the market place our Field marketing teams are trained to engage consumers in high foot fall locations or in-store to test your brands public awareness and demographics, providing you with a dedicated and flexible full or part time team to represent your brand on either a long term or tactical basis.

Employing a Step Above Field Marketing team is an ideal choice if you are launching a new product or service, or simply to improve sales of an existing product or service, either business to business or direct to the consumer.

We will work as extensions of your own comapny bringing you vital insight from the generated feedback. working closely with your brand to deliver the exact information required.