Leaflets & flyers are one of the most popular ways of promoting a business. They are not expensive and can be an extremely good way of targeting potential customers by placing key information about your company or product directly into their hands.

This is an ideal option to achieve a number of business goals:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Increasing sales
  • Promoting an event

Our Leafleting campaigns are a great way to mass market on a local scale. Selecting your delivery areas to ensure you are reaching your target demographic.

Delivering great responses from leafleting campaigns relies foremost in ensuring maximum delivery rates. Step Above prides itself on our professional, friendly, outgoing and highly pro-active staff and their outstanding communication skills who are able to engage the public politely and with a knowledge of your products and the services that you offer.

We are able to initiate leafleting campaigns on your behalf and are happy to organise the permissions required to allow us to target your key client base to achieve outstanding results.