Secret Sausages sell out at V Delicious - The Secret is out!

Secret Sausages multiStep Above Promotions Brand Ambassadors representing Secret Sausages at this year's V Delicious show at Olympia.

Audiences at the V Delicious show at Olympia flocked to the Secret Sausages stand as soon as the secret was out. It seems even the fantastic disguises did not fool the crowds.

These Sausages are Vegetables in Disguise !!

With the secret revealed and visitors having the opportunity to sample the range of flavours currently available. It didn't take long for the entire supply of Secret Sausages to run out at the show.

The Secret Sausage 'food magicians' worked day and night, until they finally created the amazing Secret Sausage.

Secret Sausages contain no meat, and three quarters of each one is simply fresh vegetables and rice. The rest is made up of the following; water - to make them succulent, herbs & spices to make them tasty, and some vitamin C to keep them fresh.

Secret Sausages have 90% less fat, 50% fewer calories & 35% less salt than normal sausages. Eat just 3 of them, and you've got one of your 5 a day too!

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