Secret Sausages - Vegetables in disguise

SecretSausagesStep Above were delighted to promote Secret Sausages at this year's Ideal Home Show at Christmas.

Promotions for the launch of Secret Sausages began at Earls Court in November at this years Ideal Home Show at Christmas.

Secret Sausages have 90% less fat, 50% fewer calories & 35% less salt than normal sausages.

A unique vegetarian casing made from seaweed and rice, and the bestest, tastiest, yummiest, healthiest vegetarian sausage the world has ever seen!

Secret Sausages contain no meat, and three quarters of each one is simply fresh vegetables and rice. The rest is made up of the following; water - to make them succulent, herbs & spices to make them tasty, and some vitamin C to keep them fresh.

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